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Nobu Stowe

Nobu Stowe was born in Maebashi, Gumma, Japan. He started taking piano lessons at age 3 and composition at age 6.  He moved to the US to study Music (composition) and Psychology at the University of California, at Berkeley.  During this period, after discovering the music of Keith Jarrett, he started to play/compose more improvisation-oriented music.  Then, he moved to Chicago to pursue graduate studies at the University of Chicago.  After receiving Ph.D. in Psychology, he moved to Baltimore to work as a ‘drug researcher’ for the NIH.  In Baltimore, he has formed the post-fusion unit TRIO RICOCHET as well as the total-improvisation duet A-UN with Alan Munshower.  Both TRIO RICOCHET and A-UN have been performing extensively, including appearances at some of the top jazz-oriented venues in the East Cost, including An die Musik (Baltimore), Bohemian Caverns (DC), Twins Jazz (DC), Kavehaz (NYC), The 55 Bar (NYC) and The Knitting Factory (NYC) as well as a commissioned performance for Hirshhorn Museum and the Sculpture Garden of Smithonian Institute (DC).  Nobu has recently started several more avant-garde projects, including a trio with the leading NYC free-improvisors, Blaise Siwula (Cecil Taylor etc) on reeds and Ray Sage (ex-Reverb Mother Fuckers) on drums as well as a duo with the SF-based sound wizard Lee Pembleton.       


Pochi Neko Ongaku Syuppan

Pochi Neko Ongaku Syuppan (Pochi "the Cat" Music Publishing) was founded in honor of the greatest "Pochi" who has traveled coast to coast, eats all day long, gets frustrated very easily, is seriously addicted to "ketsu-tataki" and most importantly worships "O-Ika-Sama",   The company is affiliated with BMI and administers all of compositions by Nobu Stowe.

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